Kaptanoglu Construction

Kaptanoglu Insaat Ticaret was established in 1987 in Kusadasi/AYDIN in the construction sector. Kaptaoglu Insaat Ticaret achieved great success in the construction sector in Aydın and nearby cities. Thanks to the successful background of Kaptanoglu Insaat Ticaret, the company succeeded in making progress and improvements keeping up with the latest technologies and today's conditions. The company reached to the highest levels of service quality too by updating service facilities. In the first years of the company's successful background, Kaptaoglu Insaat Ticaret operated in import activities and in the following years, the company incorporated diy stores branches who sell construction materials. As Kusadasi central is the first branch, the company proceeds providing the highest quality service with its 3 branches. The founder and owner of the company is Ibrahim Ustun.

New Constructions

  • Renkli Evler Building Complex

  • Galata Jewellery Center in Selcuk

  • Long Beach Kusadasi

  • Kusadasi Sefatli Building Complex

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  • Kaptanoglu Construction

    Söke Road 5th km
    Kusadasi / Aydin

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    Email: info@kaptanogluticaret.com